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Leah Fowler

Leah Fowler Graphic Designer

 When we decided to create a brand new program Ritmo High School  Artist that consists of giving  a young adult the task to do the entire graphic design of the Festival Ritmo Latino, a task that is been done for 12 year by professionals and it takes time knowledge and dedication, “hard work” we’ve approached several High School in Wake County to offer the opportunity to an artist. we spoke to Kyle Futterman from Green Hope High School in Cary North Carolina, he recommended 
Leah Fowler 17 years old.
Leah Fowler became the  volunteer graphic designer for 2017 Ritmo Latino Festival,  Leah received some photos and some text from the organization President, Roberto Perez, they were sent to her via email and started working on the project immediately, communicating back and forward with the organization requesting more material that was vital to the artwork, withing weeks she turned them into beautiful art, she communicated very well in a timely matter, we are proud of Leah’s, for her dedication, patients and most of all her talent, we believe that Leah, will be a great leader in the community, “thumbs up” for Leah Fowler the first Ritmo High School  Artist. “Leah has paved the road for many students” Roberto Perez.

“My name is Leah Fowler and I am a graduating senior at Green Hope High School. I’ve loved art as long as I can remember, and have experimented with everything from sketching and painting to digital graphic design and 3D modeling. My favorite type of art to do is portraiture. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I was asked to design the posters, I initially thought I was doing a simple logo for a small event. The project turned out to be much bigger than I expected! Working on this project was both a fun challenge and a learning experience, and I’ve met lots of amazing and kindhearted people along the way. I’m very grateful to have been able to participate in such an inspiring event.”


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